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Seniors' Week

Seniors’ Week is June 7-13, 2021! Jill Chambers from Aging In Place is speaking at the following virtual events. Be sure to sign up below! 

elderly driver, when should you hang up your keys?

When is it Time to Hang up the Car Keys?

It isn’t the driver’s age that determines their ability to drive. Rules in AB regarding older adult drivers. Improve your safety and performance behind the wheel.

elderly woman counting her money

When to Step in With a Parent’s Finances

What are the signs of decreasing ability to manage money? Areas to consider. What do you need to know? Signs of financial abuse.

Aging In Place Event

Leave my House!!! And go where???

What are all of the different housing options in Calgary? what is the difference between supportive and assisted? How can I ever choose? When is it time to move?

Support seniors to age in their own homes

Supporting Your Older Adult to Age in Place

How are they managing with the activities of daily living?
How about the independent activities of daily living?
What are their needs and who is going to meet them?
Caregiver burnout, family friction, where to turn.

seniors cognitive decline

Cognitive Decline and Decision Making

When is someone no longer capable of making their own decisions? Does memory loss mean loss of capacity? How is capacity assessed? Importance of an Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive.

THIRD ACTion Film Festival

THIRD ACTion Film Festival

"Projecting Possibilities"

THIRD Action is putting on its 4th annual festival! It runs from June 11-13, 2021, in a brand new online platform. Here’s an excerpt from the Program:

Event Description

THIRD ACTion Film Festival continues to raise the curtain on the celebration of ageing, addressing a variety of topics through a diverse range of independent, documentary, feature, and short films from all over the world. We are pleased to have 5 wonderful Canadian films highlighting the talent on tap from across the country and 1 from right here in our own backyard.

Aging in Place’s parent company Financial Concierge™ is a proud sponsor of this exciting event series.