System Features

Senior Connect ™ technology provides an easy to use touch screen to aid with in home health management.

Wellness Monitoring

Medication management and scheduled reminders

Social Engagement

Secure messaging, video calling and website use

Activity Monitoring

Wireless motion and temperature sensors

Wellness Monitoring​

Medication Management

Senior Connect ™ can aid the user with their medication management, with adding prescriptions to the system, scheduled prompts with the dosage and a picture of the prescribed medication display on the screen. Notifications can be set up for the caregiver if the touch the screen hasn’t been used to confirm that the user has taken their medications.

Health Assessments​

Senior Connect ™ has built-in health assessments. For example, if the user has a condition such as Diabetes the system can be set to prompt the user to take a self-assessment each day which consists of a series of multiple choice questions. The results can be emailed to a family member, caregiver or a health professional

Care Notes / Care Plan

Caregivers have their own secure login. In the Care Plan section of the system there is a list of pre-entered tasks for the family member or nurse to complete. As the tasks are completed they are marked off in the system to ensure accountability. Care Notes allows caregivers to add notes and circulate them to the over caregivers for that individual.

Telehealth Devices​

Senior Connect ™ works with most telehealth devices. The system can be set to prompt the user to take their blood pressure, using the touch screen the user starts the process and accepts the reading which is recorded in the system. High, average and low reading alerts can be programed in. Senior Connect ™ can also be used for glucose readings and oxygen levels.

Social Engagement

Video Calls

The video call feature has profile pictures of pre-programmed family, friends, caregivers, health professional, anyone the user would like to stay in touch with. When the users initiates the video call, they connection is clear and safe allowing them to communicate with ease.

Photos & Video Sharing

An effective way for your loved one to engage with the system is to add family photos and personalized YouTube content of memorable occasions. Senior Connect ™ can link to family members Facebook accounts, making it simple for the younger generation to keep in touch and socially integrated with elderly relatives.

Secure Use of Websites

No computer skills needed, each system is loaded with the user’s favorite websites, allowing them to enjoy a wealth of knowledge with just the touch of the screen. Senior Connect ™ takes the user straight to their web page of interest, with no risk of landing on the wrong website.

Secure Messaging

The user is notified when they have received a new letter which will open on the screen for the user to read. The user can reply via their stored contacts with profile pictures. The messaging is completely safe as anyone that has not been added to the system cannot contact the user. Keeping your relative socially integrated, to help prevent loneliness.

Music & Games

Music is very powerful for aging individuals, music taps memories and can bring participants back to life, enabling them to feel like themselves again, converse, socialize and stay present. The individual’s favourite music can be stored in Senior Connect ™. Favorite games are preloaded, such as mind games like Sudoku or fun games for grandchildren to enjoy so that they engage with the grandparent.

Daily Schedules and Prompts

Senior Connect ™ can schedule alerts the user to prompt them to make a cup of tea, or take their sandwich from the fridge at lunch time. The system can also show a ‘picture prompt’ on the touch screen for example “time to do exercises”, a picture of their knee.

Activity Monitoring

Door / Window Sensor

Wireless activity sensors monitor daily activities in the home without the resident losing their privacy or independence. Wireless sensors are placed discreetly around the house which can be programmed to send the caregiver an alert if the user has not followed their usual routine.

Personal Emergency Response System

The user can wear an emergency pendant or wristband connected to the Senior Connect ™ system. The emergency pendant can be programmed for an alert to be sent out to a family member, neighbour or caregiver advising them there has been a non-medical emergency and assistance is needed.

Home Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor can be programmed to alert the caregiver if the house temperature drops below 17℃ or rises about 23℃. Making sure your loved one comfortable and not running a fever.

I'm OK Button

On the touch screen there is an ‘I’m OK Button’ which can be pushed anytime. This sends a text, voice call or email to family members or primary caregiver with a note letting them know that the user is okay. The button can be programmed with the user’s regular routine times, and if they haven’t checking the caregiver receives a notification that the user is Not OK and prompts a check in.

Remain Safe, Connected and Independent.​

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Aging in Place means having the health and social supports and services in place to live safely and independently in your home or your community for as long as you wish and are able.

Aging in Place Supports provides Senior Connect ™ which is a smart home technology designed for seniors to help them remain safe, connected and independent.


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